Acupuncture for women's health in Cheltenham



offerChinese medicine has many advantages on Gynecology area. In CHINA, traditional chinese medicine is widely used on gynecology and obstetrics, herbal medicine and acupuncture can play a big part in helping women's health.    

 Chinese herbs have been used for women's health care such as menopausal symptoms, irregular menstrument, conceiving problem, PMT, etc. Researchs conducted in China find that some herbal formulas have many strengthening effects upon the whole endocrine system. The herbs can stimulate the production of hormones, altering the condition of hormone receptors or changing the rate of catabolism of hormones. Therefore, herbs have little or no hormonal effects but the effect of the herbal formula will substantially increase hormone levels. They work by improving the function of aging organs and glands. 

On the other hand, many modern research discovered that some herbs have anti-oxident, antiestrogen effect. 

So We offer the treatment for:   Infertility, postpartum disorders, premenstrual disorders, irregular periods, heavy bleeding, endometriosis, hormone related emotional imbalances, pelvic pain, menopausal symptoms,candida, thrush, vaginal infections, cystitis, thyroid, disorders of the lunar cycle, as well as many other gynecologic disorders. 

Acupuncture therapy is used to regulate energy (QI), promote blood circulation,stimulate immunity, so acupuncture can help to romove blood stasis, relieve pain, smooth blocked maridian.  

Acupuncture and herbal treatment correct many of the complex physical and hormonal disorders which can lead to reduced fertility or infertility, painful periods with emotional imbalances, breast tenderness, as well as menstrual migraines, acne, digestive disturbances and problems of sexual function.

Cheltenham acupuncture clinic offers advice, help and acupuncture treatment for women's health problems in the area of Cheltenham, Cirencester, Stroud, Cotswold.ICotswold.In my clinic I Acupuncture for women's health in Cheltenham.