Acupuncture for Migraine in Cheltenham


In my 25 years’ practice in hospital and private clinic, I have successfully treated many migraine patients. Herr in my clinic I offer Acupuncture for Migraine in Cheltenham.Acupuncture is the most common therapy for migraine. In my clinic, I have many patients whose migraine headache and duration significant reduced after acupuncture treatment.

What can we help

Acupuncture analgesia has been studied since the 70s when China first had diplomatic contact with United States. These studies indicated that acupuncture stimulates endorphin and monoamine to block the pain signal. 

But acupuncture does far more than just the pain relief. It modulates endocrine and nervous system and stimulates self-healing process of the body.   

For migraine headache the following acupuncture points are commonly used: Hegu, Taichong, Zulinqi , and Fengchi etc.   

Chinese Tui Na (manipulation) for the neck and back also helps to relieve the headache. Most patients get some of relief after a single treatment. Multiple treatment is highly recommended because acupuncture analgesia has proven to be accumulative. Complex cases with severe imbalance of the body may need longer time. For most of the cases, a properly prescribed Chinese herbal formula helps the patient to recover faster.  Chinese herbal medicine is another common therapy for migraine headache. For the disharmony of the Liver system, the principle of treatment is to smooth the flow of Liver Qi and clear the Liver Heat.. For the pattern of Kidney deficiency, the principle of treatment is to reinforce vital energy of the Kidney and Liver. 

 Chinese herbal medicine is the core of traditional Chinese therapies for migraine headache and is very powerful to balance the body. It significantly reduces the pain, shortens the headache attacking time, reduces the frequency of the migraine and prevents the headache from happening.  The tense lifestyle in the modern society is one of the reasons causing migraine headache.The regularity of lifestyle, such as eating, resting and sleeping, is important for migraine patients in addition to the herbal and acupuncture treatment.  

 Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese technique to actively promote circulation of Qi in the body. Similar to Yoga meditation, Qi Gong is the Chinese way to control and cultivate the energy of our body. It also serves as emotional control technique to prevent migraine headaches. Tai Ji Quan is another popular exercise in Chinese society. Both Qi Gong and Tai Ji Quan can be very good self-help techniques for migraine.