Acupuncture for bedwetting in Cheltenham


Acupuncture for Bedwetting

In my clinic, I  met some children who suffer from bedwetting which they find embarrassing, stressful and further on it can affect their confidence. Especially for the children reaching the age of 10-11 years old when they may need go for a school trip and leave their mum and dad for the first time.   I would say Chinese medicine and acupuncture provide a natural and effective way to help with the children instead of using some medication which may have side effects. 

While I treat my children patients, I always endeavour to be gentle, patient, understanding. Here in my clinic, I offer acupuncture for bedwetting in Cheltenham.

 The treatment starts with very gentle manipulation initially and meticulous choosing main acupoints. Usually after 5 or 6 sessions, young patients will find improvements in terms of reducing bedwetting frequency or amount of urination decreasing.      

Back in China, my colleagues published their report of 56 cases of children bedwetting treated with acupuncture. Of 56 cases , 34 recovered completely, 14 cases were markedly effective, 6 effective, the total effective rate achieved is 95%.      In an NIH study, 15 children with bedwetting , aged between 6–18 years, received four weekly acupuncture treatments.  A cure was accomplished in this short period in 20% of the children, with an additional 20% reducing their bedwetting events by half.  Two months after treatments ended, 47% were considered cured.  A larger study of 50 children found an 86% cure rate at their 6-month follow-up.     

 In my clinic, I used acupuncture to help children with bedwetting after only five to ten visits. 

The effects are encouraging.  Moreover, the relapse rate is found to be lower than the relapse rate of conventional methods of healing bedwetting in children.